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2014년 7월 31일 목요일

[Sara Nail] Choosing the right hair color that matches your skin color :D

Choose the right hair color for your skin color!
An easy way to change your style is to dye your hair.
Choosing the right hair color is really important because
it could make your skin look darker or lighter.

Let's get to know which hair color matches my skin color!

How do I choose the color?

1. If you want to look calm and intelligent, color your hair with dark colors.
Dark brown, choco brown would be great. If you re-touch your hair with thick waves, you would look more more intelligent!

2. If you want to look cute and lovely, gold colors are good. You would look better if you cut your hair short or perm your hair with C-curl.

3. If you want to look lively and active, dye your hair with orange brown or red brown. I've tried dying my hair with red-wine, and it turned dark brown after 2~3 weeks. Also, be careful not to dye your shirt because red colors let out a lot of red color.

4. If you want to look refined and chic, dye your hair with red color. Dye your hair with red and cut your hair short! Boys would love you!

Choose the right hair color for your skin color

1. Pale skin: Red & orange
If you add brightness with red and orange color to your pale skin, you would look lovelier. Red color would make your skin look clear. Dark red would make you look older, so please mix red and orange together!

2. Yellow skin: Dark brown
Never dye your hair with gold or orange color tone! It will make your face look like you are having a severe jaundice symptoms. No one likes to look like that!
Try something darker and red-color tone. They will make your skin color look more balanced.

3. Dark skin: Red
Red color hair goes well with darker skin tone. Very chic and elegant. If you want to go for yellow color tone, try bright yellow color. 

4. Red skin: Gray & khaki
If you flush to red easily avoid dyeing your hair to red colors. It will make your face a lot more red than it already is! Try to dye your hair with Khaki or brown color tone. 
Medium-brightness hair colors will make your skin look whiter and cleaner.

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