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2014년 7월 28일 월요일

[Sara Nail] Lose weight with GM diet!

Lose weight within a very short period of time with GM diet!
I really wanted to lose my weight and be skinny like Girls' Generation...
But it was all failure failure and failure for me!!! T.T

So this time, I am going to try GM diet.
I heard that GM diet is very effective to lose weight in a very short period of time.
But I'm going to go on a diet starting... next Monday... because I plan to go to my friend's house this weekend and eat Kentucky Fried Chicken! :D

Let's get started on GM diet!

GM Diet Meal Plan
Day 1: Any fruits, except for bananas + 2L (67 oz) of water
Day 2: Any vegetables, except for potatos + 2L (67 oz) of water
Day 3: Any fruits, except for bananas + any vegetables, except for potatos + 2L (67 oz) of water
Day 4: 8 bananas + 600ML (20.3 oz) of milk
Day 5: Beef or chicken breast meat (300g/10.6oz) + 6 tomatos
Day 6: Beef + vegetables (the amount you want)
Day 7: Brown rice or fruit juice + vegetables (the amount you want)

GM Diet is called GM Diet because it was developed in GM company.
GM diet's main point is to eat less.

Day 1: Eat any fruits, except for bananas because bananas have high calories. Most of the fruits have high calories, so I suggest tomatos or watermelons. :)

Day 2: Main purpose is to NOT eat any carbohydrates, so avoid eating vegetables with high carbohydrate. Eat lettuce WITHOUT dressing!

Day 3: Eat any fruits or vegetables except for bananas, potatos, sweet potatos, and sweet pumpkins. 

Day 4: Eat 8 bananas and milk... it seems a bit too much right? Eat 1 banana an hour and you will be full throughout the day. :) You do not have to be concerned with the time you eat when you're doing GM diet, so when you feel hungry, just eat!

Day 5: We can finally eat meat! Put a little bit of salt or pepper :)

Day 6: Eat beef and heated up vegetables or salad.

Day 7: Fill your stomach with carbohydrate (brown rice) and eat fruits or vegetables. If rice seems too boring, eat side dishes with low calories.

NO DRINKING! DRINKING is a road to failure! Eat plenty of water because this meal plan could give you constipation. Also, because GM diet requires you to eat less, don't do it everyday. Do it once a month or something. NO DRESSING AND SUGAR.

Let's go on a GM diet and show off our bikinis this summer :)

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