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2014년 4월 23일 수요일

[Saranail] FOXY Korea hennart/ Tattoo/ Tattoo seminar/beauty seminar

Hello, sara.N!
Today I'm gonna introduce Tattoo seminar that was opened at our shop!
We have to prepare Summer from nail art to Tatto for bikini !

These are some items for Tattoo!

2014년 4월 22일 화요일

[Saranail] Nail stickers/ Color see-through nails/ Hot nail art

Hello! This is sara.N!
Color see-through was launched !
These products are more brighter than black see-through, right?
There are various colors such as blue, red, yellow except for these products!

Mysterious see-through sticker -13-11-33

2014년 4월 21일 월요일

[Saranail] Pray for South Korea: South Korea ferry disaster

Hello, everyone
Last week, South Korea was in deep sorrow because of 'SEWOL' ferry disaster. Many young students disappeared after the sinking of the SEWOL and Professional divers are rescuing for survivor. Today, please pray for South Korea!

2014년 4월 18일 금요일

[Saranail] Lace Water decal nails/ Female nail art/ New product/ Nail art

Hello, I'm sara.N!
Today I brought nail design using lace water decal!
If you have a special plan this weekend, I recommend these nails!

I think that quality of these products is really high!


2014년 4월 17일 목요일

[Saranail] Rose breast pin pats/ Rose nail pats/ Flower nail art

From rose, pearl and swar to rectangle swar!
I saw these pats displayed on the shelves when I visited at sara nail shop,
My heart was pounding!

Used products: Honey pat gel - 006 pink + 005 hot pink
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