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2014년 7월 8일 화요일

[SARANAIL] Hello Kitty Self Nail Art - SUMMER!

Hello Kitty Self Nail Art for Summer!
Today, I'll introduce you a nail art that combines neon nail colors and silver Hello Kitty.
It's perfect for this summer. :D

Let's get started!

Hello Kitty self-nail art

1. Put base gel on. 30 second curing needed!

2. Cleanse the nail.

3. Using a pinset, put Kitty sticker on the nail.

4. Put neon gel nail color on the pallete.

5. Using a line brush, draw a line. 30 second curing needed.

6. Put top gel on.

7. Put silver dots on the nail. 1 minute curing needed.

8. Cleanse the nail.

9. Complete!
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