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2014년 7월 10일 목요일

[SARANAIL] What type of bikini should I wear? - Bikinis depending on body shape

What type of bikini should I wear? 

It's July and it's beach time!
I plan to travel and go to water parks this month, and I'm really busy these days picking what type of bikini to wear! It's very important to choose the right type of bikini depending on your body shape, so today,
I'll tell you what type of bikini you should wear!

1. Small breasts - Padded bikini

For those of you who re small-breasted, padded bikini is the best. But do not put too much pad in the bikini! Pads will draw two breasts together and will make your breasts bigger.

If your breasts are too small, try wearing bikinis with ruffles or fancy colors because these will be shown off more than your small breasts!

2. Short legs - high leg bikini

I am very short, and I have short legs.... T.T But I couldn't wear high heels at beach or water parks. So, to hide my shortness, I tried wearing one-piece bikini and wrap stype bikini, but high-leg bikini was the best one for me. High leg bikinis are cut above your thigh lines, so they will make your legs look longer.

3. Round belly - wrap style bikini


To cover your round belly, wear a bikini that has wide rubber band around the waist. The rubber is strong enough to push down your belly. Also, try wearing bikinis with ruffles or unique pattern because they disperse the attention going into your belly.

4. Wide shoulders - halter neck bikini


If you have wide shoulders, wear a halter neck bikini. Also, those of you with wide shoulders, avoid wearing bikini without straps because they will make your shoulders look wider... :O Because we cross the straps to hang those on our necks, the straps make the shoulders look smaller.

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