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2014년 7월 4일 금요일

[SARANAIL] Emerald Glitter Gradation Self Nail Art

Emerald Glitter Gradation Self Nail Art

It's raining so hard... ;(
The weather forecast says that rainy season in Korea will start soon.
Get your umbrellas ready!

Anyways, let's get started on our lesson for today :D

1. Honey Pot base gel
2. Honey Pot glitter 051 RX
3. Frenz magic glitter overlay gel
4. Honey Pot top gel
5. Honey pot pallette

Perfect glitter for this summer. Perfect color for this summer!
When you're doing glitter nail art, mix clear gel and glitter together.
I'll teach you how to put glitters on your nails later.

I put the glitter on oval tips.
1. Using a clean brush, put smallest glitter on the fake nail tip. (very left nail tip)
2. Put medium sized glitter, and then put big sized glitter here and there.

You have to use different sized gitter, otherwise, it will get very monotonous.

Put clear gel on the brush and put the glitter on.
For gradation, put a lot of glitter at the tip of the nail and
as it gets to the cuticle line, put little.

Color is very pretty.

If you want more beauty, put a big ribbon on your nail.
Put stones on the hand that you do not use often.

One more stone on my fourth finger.

To do overlay glitter nail art, magic glitter overlay gel is a required item.
The gel will make glitter's surface softer.

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