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2014년 8월 29일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Milk Pinky Pink Nail Art

Milk Pinky Pink Nail Art

Lovely milk pink nail art!
I added loveliness to it with heart stickers and drew lovely hearts with dot bars.

Let's get started.

1. Put base coat on.

2. Put milk color twice.

3. Put heart stickers on the nail with a pinset.

4. Put pearl polish on the dot bar and draw a heart.

5. With a sponge, absorb the polish so that only pearl is on the nail.

6. With white line pen, draw a star.

7. Put top coat on.

8. Before top coat dries, put the stones on the heart.

Milk Pinky Nail Art complete!

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2014년 8월 28일 목요일

[Sara Nail] Cosmetics Expiration Date and 10 Instructions

 Cosmetics Expiration Date and 10 Instructions
It's very important to check the expiration date of cosmetics!
Therefore, I'll tell you how to use cosmetics after they're open.

How to check cosmetics' expiration date
The number of people who are using imported cosmetics is slowly increasing these days. And it's very important to check the expiration dates of these cosmetics since the expiration date regulations differ by country to country. Cosmetics companies are required to put manufacture number and manufacture date on the cosmetics package, and the dates are placed at the bottom of the cosmetics. PLEASE check the expiration dates!

There are some people who want to be frugal on using expensive cosmetics. There are no problems when you're using cosmetics within the expiration date, however, if you use cosmetics that are past the expiration date, its effectiveness decreases and could make skin troubles.

10 Instructions after opening the package of cosmetics
-Use cosmetics within 6 months after opening.
-Basic cosmetics (cosmetics that have moisture) needs to be used as fast as it can since the moisture content decreases after opening.

-Do not place cosmetics at a place with low/high temperature/direct sunlight. Store your cosmetics in your drawers.
-Use cosmetics refrigerator. (NOT regular refrigerator!)

-Use functional cosmetics quickly. When the cosmetics have vitamin contents, cosmetics' color will become darker and will lose its effects. Use sunblocks within 1 year of the opening.
-Use tube/pump type cosmetics.
-Pact puffs, sponge, and brushes contain a lot of bacteria. Don't use these many times after washing, but replace it with other puffs, sponges, and brushes.

-Don't share cosmetics with other people. It could make skin troubles.
-Do not touch tube/spoid with your hand.
-Use cosmetics without preservatives within 3 months.

These are pretty great tips on cosmetics right? :)
I hope this helped you :)

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2014년 8월 27일 수요일

[Sara Nail] Home Nail Care with Nail Care SET!

Care your nails with Nail Care Set!
The Saracen prepared a nail care set just for you.
It's very easy, and you can easily do it at home.
Now, you don't have to waste your money at nail shop!

Trinity Home Care Basic Kit

Items included:
1. Honey Pot Base Coat
Apply it before you put the nail polish.
Helps colors to attach to your nails.
Protects nails colors from turning.

2. Honey Pot Top Coat
Apply it after you put the nail polish.
Protects nail polish from falling off.

3. Trinity cuticle remover
Puffs stiff cells around the cuticle.
Moistures area around cuticles.

4. Trinity Cuticle Oil
Provides moisture to the cuticle and nails.
Makes cuticles flexible. Makes nails healthier.

5. Pusher
 Pushes dead skin cells around the nails.

6. Nipper
Cares cuticles around the nails.

7. Mini remover
Contains natural arometherapy ingredients.
Removes anamel quickly/without nail damage.

8. Files
Makes your nail shape prettier.
-Wood file, white sanding, two way shiner, design file, disco pad
(shapes randomly dispatched)

OPI Brand Home Care Set

Items included:
1. OPI Base Coat
Prevents colors from absorbing harmful ingredients.
Maintains nail shape and prevents nails from changing color.
Can be applied everyday.

2. OPI Top Coat
Makes nails shinier.
Protects nails from UV.
Protects from color change.

3. Cuticle oil
Provides nutrients and moisture to the nails and cuticles (treatment massage oil)
Has more effects thatn Vitamin E.
Can be applied to elbows or heels.
Spoid type

4. Easteem Shiner File
Used to change shape of fake/natural nails

5. Dust brush
Used to remove nail powders.

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2014년 8월 26일 화요일

[Sara Nail] Burgundy for Autumn! Makeup and Nail Art

Burgundy for Autumn! Makeup and Nail Art
Hey guys, this is The Saracen.
It's the last Tuesday of August already!
It is said that after August ends, Autumn quickly approaches.
Autumn reminds me of burgundy.

Let's get to know burgundy!
Some of you are confused is burgundy is red or wine. Bundundy is actually a little bit darker than red/thick wine color. Burgundy makeup emphasizes lips and cool toned people look great in burgundy makeup.

Burgundy makeup
If you're too afraid to try burgundy makeup, you can easily do it with eye shadows. Blend two colors together, and then make a cat eye with black pencil eyeliner.

One characteristic of burgundy lip-makeup is matte feeling. It's not glossy or pearly. If you do not like matte feeling or you don't look good with burgundy color lipstick, put red color tint.

Burgundy Nails
Couple of weeks ago, I introduced you autumn nail colors. And burgundy is perfect for autumn. If you do not want to do burgundy makeup, try burgundy nail art!

Sara Nail also sells burgundy nail colors.
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2014년 8월 25일 월요일

[Sara Nail] How to pick shoes depending on body shape!

How to pick shoes depending on body shape!
Hello! This is The Saracen. :)
Did you have a nice weekend?
Today, I'll tell you how to pick shoes depending on your body shape.

Chubby body type - Ankle boots or Western boots
Some of you who are chubby think that long boots will make you skinnier, however, ankle boots will make you skinnier. :) If your calf is too thick, wear western boots. It will make your calf more skinnier. TIP: Do not choose boots that are too tight.

Short, or those of you who have thick ankles - Flat shoes or strap shoes
Some people who have thick ankles choose heels to cover your ankles. However, flat shoes that have similar colors as your skin color will make you look taller. Strap shoes will make your ankles thinner. However, avoid wearing thick strap shoes!

Tall - kitten heel
Some of you are concerned about your height because you will get more taller if you wear high heels. People who are tall go well with 2~3cm kitten heels than high heels.

Remember to choose the right shoes for your body shape :)

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2014년 8월 22일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Burgundy Leopard Self Nail Art - READY FOR AUTUMN

Burgundy Leopard Self Nail Art - READY FOR AUTUMN
Let's get started.

Looks very simple and cool, right?
They're Geltory NEW nail colors.

Autumn = BURGUNDY colors!


Geltory base, top
Geltory #1 Shy Smile
Geltory 01 Milk Latte
Geltory 02 Dark Smog
Geltory 04 Red Blossom
Ice Gel LP 385

Honey Pot Nail Pallete
Gracia Brush 0.5
Gold Stones

Practice your leopards on the pallette.

Gold colors that goes very well with autumn color burgundy.


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