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2014년 7월 25일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Unique 2-lined French - Luxurious Design!

[The Saracen] Do a luxurious nail art design with 2 line French!
Nail art lesson time is finally here! :)
Today, I decided to show you a nail art design that's really popular these days in Korea.
Let's get started on today's lesson.

I added luxuriousness to the nails with ribbon stone and swarovski opal stone set.

2 line French is really popular these days.
Draw 1 French first, and then draw another thin line with a line brush.
I used Mostiv Line Brush (0.2) to draw this line.

To do silver glitter nail art, you need to put silver nail polish first.
I used Polian 48 silver.
Put silver nail polish first, then put silver glitters on because
the silver nail polish will cover up the empty area that glitters cannot cover.
If you fill your nails only with glitter, your nails will get thicker. 
So PLEASE! don't forget to put silver nail polish first. :)

I put Honey Pot Glitter RX089.

Honey Pot HB27 - His Way of Love

I used Swarovski 001AB Opal Stone Set

1. Put big sized glitter first.
2. Between the big sized glitters, put small sized glitters.

I do not recommend you to put top gel over swarovski because it does not give
a shining effect. :(

2 line French & Full Swarovski Nail Tools

1. Honey Pot Base Gel
2. Honey Pot HB02 Love Letter
3. Honey Pot HB27 His Way of Love
4. Polian 48 Silver
5. Honey Pot HG12 Identity
6. Beaunix Clear Gel
7. Honey Pot Top Gel
8. Mostiv Line Brush (0.2)
9. Hwahong Brush 36
10. Deshing Diva Fast Bond (Stone glue)
11. Honey Pot glitter RX089
12. The Saracen Swarovski 001AB Oval Stone Set 10 different sizes
13. Silver ribbon stone

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