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2014년 7월 7일 월요일

[SARANAIL] Putting nail tips on your fingernails

1. Putting nail tips on

1. Tidy your cuticles so that it fits the shape of the fake nail tips.
2. Remove oil, water, and other dusts off your nails. (Use nail remover)
3. With a file or sanding block, make a scratch on your nails for adhesiveness.,
4. Remove dust with a dust brush.
5. Put gel glue on your nail. (Not too much!)
6. Put gel glue on the inside of the fake nail tip. Just enough so that it does not flow off from your fingers.
7. Put the tip on your nails.
8. Using your thumb, push it down.
9. Dry it with cold air.
10. After 15 seconds, it's complete.
When putting on nail tips, do not put several tips at the same time. Put one on first, and when it's completely dry, then put another one one.
 2. Removing nail tips

1. Scratch the nail surface with a file. Wet cotton with 100% acetone, and then put it on the nail tips.  Wrap your fingers with a foil.
2. After 10~15 minutes, remove the foil. Using a pusher or wood stick. remove the nail tips.


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