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2014년 6월 30일 월요일

[SARANAIL] Simple / Blue / Navy / Red / Gold / White Nail Art

Simple Nail Art!

This nail art reminds me of blue night sky, passion, and luxuriousness!
At first, I thought navy, red, and gold colors would not match well together,
but they look great!

Stones make the nails more beautiful.

I put the fake nails on my finger nails.
Do you like it?


2014년 6월 27일 금요일

[SARANAIL] Lovely / Candy Stone / Pink Self Nail Art

Lovely Self Nail Art with Cute Candy Stones

Last week, I introduced metal gel nail art,
and today, I will introduce you cute cute candy nail art!

Let's get started.

Candy Nail Art Tools

1. HB02 Love Letter
2. HP11 Lovely Molly
3. HP04 If Only
4. Luxx Build Top Coat Gel
5. Memory Top Gel
6. Honeypot Glitter RX 162
7. Honeypot Candystone light pink
8. Ribbon stones

Honey Pot's new product candy stone!
It's looks very simple.

There are other candy stone sizes in Sara Nail!
Compared to other company's products, Honey Pot Candy Stones have variety of sizes.

These are the ribbon stones.
They will look great on pink fingernails.

Candy Stone Nail Art COMPLETE!
I used candy stones, ribbon stones, and hearts.
Aren't these cute?

I drew the art with these brushes.
Drawing a heart on your nail is very difficult at first,
but it will become easier if you practice, practice and practice!

I used Luxx Builder Top Coat Gel for top coating.
Luxx Top Coat will make the surface soft.


You'll find these products at [] 
starting July 4th, 2014.

Are you excited~?

2014년 6월 26일 목요일

[SARA NAIL] Smile / Crown / Tiara / Polka dot / Self Nail Art

Happy, sunny day with my polka dot, smile nail art :D

Big polka dots and small polka dots go well together!

I also drew a smily face with a crown on.

Beautiful nail art to do during summer :)

Have a nice summer day everyone :)

2014년 6월 25일 수요일

[SARA NAIL] Palm Tree / Summer / Trip / Beach / Hawaii Nail Art

This is Sanel~

It's getting really hot these days and I really want to leave for BEACH!

Palm tree nail art with Starbucks Mango Smoothie

Palm tree nail art that remind me of cocktail.

Let's get started!

Step 1: Base coat!

Frenz nail polish

For gradation, I'm going to use this sponge.

Put the colors on the sponge.

Tip tip with the sponge on the fingernail.

Gradation looks so natural!

It's okay if the tip is not colored, because I'm going to color it twice.

Above picture is colored twice!
Gradation looks great, doesn't it?

Now, put yellow nail polish on the pallette.

Get your brush ready!

Put yellow nail polish on the brush and draw these lines to make clouds.
It can look a weird at first, but don't worry about it because
we're going to cover it with the palm tree. :D

Put black polish on the brush and draw a bent tree trunk.

Draw 5 branches.

Draw the leaves.

Get these small balls ready.

Put coconuts on your tree!

Aloha.. :D

Put the top coat on, and you're done!

I love it!
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