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2014년 7월 17일 목요일

[Sara Nail] The Saracen Water Decal Sticker :)

Nail Art! with Water Decal Sticker :)

Today, I'll use twister water decal for my nail art :)

First, please put base coat and nutrition supplements on your nails.

 Put the color you want.
This is Frenz Nail blue color.

 Cut off the decal you want.
Cut it round so that it fits your nails.

 Put the decal in the water for 1 minute.

 Remove water a little bit. Regular nail polish colors can spread, so please remove the water. Regular nail polish takes about an hour to completely dry.

 Put the decal on your nail, and then cut it so that it fits your nails.
Please pull and stick at the same time.
But don't use too much power because it can rip!

1. Push the decal on the middle.
2,3,4,5: From the middlel, stick it horizontally.
6: Pull in downwards.
7,8: Pull in from the middle to the side.

 Cut off the remainder with a file.


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