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2014년 7월 29일 화요일

[Sara Nail] Water Proof Make-up for Water Parks

Water Proof Make-up
Hey guys! Are you ready to go to water parks?
I'm sooo ready!
I'm planning to go to the water park with my friends next weekend
and I'm so excited.
However, I'm kind of nervous because my friends would hate my non-makeup face...
Therefore, I'm planning to wear waterproof makeup
that would make me prettier in the water.

Let's get started.

Base makeup is important in waterproof makeup
Base makeup is important in all makeups, but base makeup is especially important in waterproof makeup because makeup should be attached to our skin.

1. Use a brush when putting skin care cosmetics.
It's better to use a brush when putting skin care cosmetics because the brush makes the cosmetics attach to our face. Use moisture cream and mist so that your skin receives enough moisture.
2. Enhace persistency with primer.
Primer prevents sebum secretion!

3. Put foundation or BB cream with a brush.
After putting on foundation or BB cream with a brush, rub your hands together, and then cover your face with your hands that has heat. It will melt the agglomerated foundation.

4. Use finishing powder.
It will prevent the makeup from smudging.

How to choose waterproof makeup
1. Sunscreen: Use any products that says "Waterproof." Sunscreen will come off when you play in the water for a long time, so put on the sunscreen often.

2. BB cream & foundation: BB cream and foundation will come off when you play in the water if it's not waterproof. I recommend Etude House Pearl Clear Proof Any Cushion.

3. Eyebrow, eyeliner: Strong eyeliners would come off after 2~3 hours of playing in the water. I recommend Tonymoly Perfect Eyes Jell Fit Waterproof Liner.

4. Mascara: There are lots of waterproof mascara products.I recommend Kiss Me Mascara :)

Most of the waterproof products are matt. If you put it on many times, your face could dry up. Play in the water for couple of hours and then come out to dry your face in the sun. Play again, come out, and modify your makeup.

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