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2014년 7월 15일 화요일

[Sara Nail] I want to have clear, smooth, perfect skin!

How to have clear, smooth, and perfect skin!
Hello bloggers!
I'm having so much skin trouble with sebum and blackhead these days... :(
I really want to have clear skin without pimples and sebum.

Going to a dermatologist is really expensive...

so, I decided to take care of my skin by myself!!

1. Drinking a lot of water
If there's not enough moisture in our skin, dead skin cells form on our skin and skin tone gets darker. :(( I try drinking 8 cups of water every day. However, our skin does not get better just because we drink 8 cups of water. Skin tone depends on how much water we drink each day. Try drinking enough water throughout the day. Do not drink too much water in such a short period of time because it could hurt our body. It's also said that it's better to drink warm water than cold water. 

Also try putting moisture cream on your face before going to bed everyday. 

Drinking 8 cups of water and putting moisture cream will make your skin more clear!

2. Don't do anything to your face!
If a pimple grows on my face, I try to squeeze it so that it pops. But this is realllly bad. If I touch the pimple with my hand, germs in my hand (from smart phones, keyboards) will make pimples grow more!

Also, don't rest your chin on your hand because it can cause skin trouble on the chin.

3. Washing your face twice.
For those of you who put only sunblock on your face can wash your face just once, but for those of you who put foundation, powder, etc. are REQUIRED to cleanse your face twice. Remove your eye-makeup with a eye remover, and then wet your face with water first. It's better to wet your face with water because it removes dust from your face. And then, remove your makeup with cleansing oil/cream/lotion.

If you use cleansing foam after this, your face will get really dry, so finish washing your face with a soap. 

4. Putting sunscreen
UV is the major cause of skin trouble, so please put sunscreen!

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