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2013년 10월 24일 목요일

Korean Cute Bear nail arts, Cute Korean nail design

Oh hey there!!! How are you? I'm feeling ok-ish, I was meant to post korean cute bear nail art!!
Whatever moving forward, I wanted bear nails and automatically an image of a bear appeared in my head. I proceeded to ask the internet (the internet knows everything), where I typed in "cartoon bear" which did not work. 
 Then I typed in "Korean bear" which also was not so helpful but there was an image with the bear I was looking for. Turns out the bear is Korean and called what..? (I don't know). I am positive I've seen this bear before but I can't remember where (it's going to annoy me), but he is ADORABLE.

I now want a ton of Korean cute bears, just because that bear is so stinking cute and he can just chill with me :P
Thank you very much for reading and I hope you have a wonderful day!!! :D 


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  1. Nice Blog :)

    Wanna follow each other on GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook or Twitter???

    Just let me know and I will make sure to follow ya back

    1. please follow it anytime you want! I have a welcome mat for this!

  2. Rilakkuma bear? It's very cute, did you use Acrylic? x

  3. sometimes, it's different from what i have now.


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