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2014년 7월 11일 금요일

[SARANAIL] Easy self nail art with gel stickers! - Monster Nails Gel Strip

Easy Gel Nail Art with Monster Nails Gel Strip!
It's nail art time again! YAY!
Today, I'll do an easy nail art with monster nails gel strip!

Let's get started.

We'll look at the completed pictures first.
I used gel patch (Monster Gel Strip) to give a see-through look.
I put glitters and a huge ribbon to make my nails look more refined.


1. Honey Pot Bonder
2. Honey Pot Base Gel
3. I'm JB - JB35 (Neon)
4. Frenz Magic Glitter Overlay Gel
5. Honey Pot Top Gel
6. Honey Pot Glitter Hologram (094 RX) & Glitter Circle Mix (060 RX)
7. Monster Gel Strip 104
8. Vuv Mu Girl Nail Sticker - Juicy Orange

This is Honey Pot Hologram Mixed RX 094.
There are small and large sizes of little glitters.
Shapes are pentagon, square, etc...
so this product gives a variety of feelings to my nails.

This is Honey Pot Glitter 060 RX that's great for summer.
To put this on your nails, please use overlay gel.

Cute little girl stones.
I used hot pink color for this nail art.
Aren't these soo cute?!

These stones attach to my fingernails with stability.

This is Monster Nails Gel Strip 104.
Flower pattern, see-through.

How to use gel strips
1. Cut the strip with the size you want.
2. Pull and attach the strip at the same time.
But do not pull too hard!
3. Transparent gel strip needs to be colored with white or bright gel colors
so that it looks prettier.
4. Monster Nails gel strip is ONLY for gel colors.
If you use Monster Gel Strip with regular nail colors,
it gets crumpled.

Second finger - Vuv Mu Girl Nail Sticker - Juicy Orange.


I finished this nail art with a huge ribbon and top gel.

PLEASE leave a comment if you want one of these tools.
I can list these products in eBay so that you can buy these!!! :D

Click if you want to purchase Monster Nail Gel Strips!

댓글 9개:

  1. I really want Monster nails gel strips!! Is there more pattern? So cute! I would buy from eBay ^_^ also erikonail nail glue! Super useful!!

    1. Hey Suteisi :D For your request, I'll list Monster nails gel strips on eBay and then comment you again with the link!!! Thank you for your interest in our products :)

    2. Hi again! I've listed Monster Nails Gel Strips on eBay! There are more patterns to this item, and here's the link. [] Is Erikonail nail glue Sara Nail product?

    3. All the patterns are really great !! Thank you for listing !! It's 15$ for 1 strip ?

    4. Yes, it's $15 for 1 strip. Also, an event is being held right now, so you'll receive free toe separator and nail art sticker as a gift. :D

    5. Thank you! I will look to buy soon!!

      And I will come to visit Sara Nail store when I visit Seoul next November!! :)

    6. You're coming to Seoul!? COOOL ~ >.< Hope to see you in November!!!!

    7. I love all your nail deco parts! Where can I purchase them?

    8. Hi Ailee :) If you could tell me specifically which product you want, I can list them up in eBay so you can purchase them :)

      You can leave a comment in this blog, or you can simply email me the products you want at

      :) I hope to hear from you soon~


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