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2014년 8월 1일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Neon Nail Art! Honey Pot Neon Polish

Neon Nail Art! Make your nails beautiful with Honey Pot Neon Polish
Hey guys!
It's been so long that I've written a post about nail art... :(
So, I'm finally back with neon nail art!

This is the completed shot. Isn't it beautiful? :D

For this self nail art, I used Honey Pot Neon Gel Polish.

When I color my nails with gel nail colors many times, my nails feel so heavy.
However, Honey Pot gel nail polish makes the colors clear even if I color just 2 times.

Neon gel nail colors that's perfect for summer +_+
I thought just putting nail colors would be boring, so I put neon stone too :)

These are Ring Stones that's famous in Sara Nail.

Are you curious what these pallette and bear paws are?
These are pallettes just for hand painting.
We put these on our fingers.
These products make nail art faster and easier.

You put this on your finger like this!

When you're doing pattern art, draw the big pictures first, then draw the details.
If the design is too hard to draw, copy the designs of water decals or stickers. :)
If it's soo hard, just put water decals or stickers!

Neon Nail Tools
1. Honey Pot Base Gel
2. Honey Pot HB02
3. Honey Pot Neon HF01
4. Honey Pot Neon HF02
5. Honey Pot Top Gel
6. Dezel Painting Gel #10 Black
7. Icegel brush
8. Hand painting finger palette

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