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2014년 2월 28일 금요일

[Saranail] Cupcake nailart/white-day sweet self nalis/how to make self-nail easy

A few days ago, I wanted to eat sweet cupcakes and went buy at bakery in front of my house. There are really various kind of breads on the shelves and I was surprised the design of breads&cake. so, I decided to make sweet nails, inspired by cupcake!

2014년 2월 26일 수요일

[Saranail] Tweed nail art/how to make nailart/easy-to-follow

Tweed nail art

[Saranail] White-day nails/romantic nailart/nail art for boyfriend/lovely nails

 This last week or so I've been completely obsessing over these polish and tools from SARACEN Store. I bought a bunch of designs with my fingers crossed that they would be the super lovely and romantic decals that I like. There is a white-day in March and we should prepare to decorate our fingers for boyfriend! Let's start from now!

2014년 2월 25일 화요일

[Saranail] Glory X-003 CHUNHYANG/Spring Color/Pastel nails/Yellow nails

Hello, everyone!
Spring is coming and these days I often wear bright clothes!
so I prepared yellow color that is well matched with warm weather.
Almost people usually come up with pastel tone about spring but,
I would like to introduce yellow color first, a symbol of Spring!

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