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2014년 7월 2일 수요일

[SARANAIL] Skin tones! Do I have cool tone or warm tone?

Distinguishing between cool tone and warm tone
Hey guys! 

Today, I want to give you a little break on nail art and
give you some tips about your skin tones!

I used foundation #23, so I thought I had warm skin tone.
However, an make-up artist told me that foundation # and your skin tone
does not have any relationship.... :(
I never knew that... 0_0

If we remember our skin tone, it would be much much easier 
to find colored clothes that match our skin tone.

* Distinguishing between cool tone and warm tone

1. If your skin gets tan when you're exposed to sunlight, you have warm tone.
   If your skin gets red when you're exposed to sunlight, you have cool tone.

2. If you have brown-toned hair coloryou have warm tone.
    If you have black-toned hair coloryou have cool tone.

3. If you have yellowish colored skinyou have warm tone.
    If you have reddish colored skinyou have cool tone.

4. If your wrist blood vessels look greenishyou have warm tone.
    If your wrist blood vessels look blueishyou have cool tone.

* These colors match cool tone/warm tone!

- Cool Tone
1. Silver jewelry
2. Pink-toned lipsticks, shadows, and blushers
3. White clothing
4. Strong nail polish colors like red, pink, navy, etc. 

- Warm Tone
1. Gold jewelry
2. Peach, orange, coral-toned lipsticks, shadows, and blushers
3. Ivory, beige, brown, black, navy clothing
4. Orange, neon, green nail polish colors

If your skin is warm-toned, I don't pinkish colors match your skin tone. Especially baby pink or indi-pink are the worst, but hot pink looks okay :)

Cool tone or warm tone? Find your skin tone!
Some of you might think skin tone does not matter to your fashion/style, but it really does! The colors that match your skin tone will make you look prettier and brighter!

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