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2014년 7월 21일 월요일

[Sara Nail] Heart French Self Gel Nail Art !

Heart French Self Gel Nail Art <3
Today, I prepared a heart French gel nail art that's soooooo lovely :)
Let me show you the completed pictures first.

It's really similar to deep French, but I used a brush to draw a heart.
Pink and light pink go so well together.
I used Honey Pot products for this nail art too.

Heart deep French, new flowery powder, letting sticker, and a lovely ribbon stone!

Heart French nail art became famous because Suzy from Miss A did it :)
Also, it's very simple to draw too :)

New flowery posder. Mix 2~3 colors to make your nails more beautiful.

You MUST use overlay gel and file to use these products.

This is the oval tip completed with overlay gel and filing. It's really smooth on the surface.

This is the overlay gel that I used.
Please use overlay gel when you put glitter or flower powder!

Remember, if you don't use overlay gel, glitters can fall off!

Pretty ribbon stones :D

This is lala letteting sticker.
It's very smooth, and it sticks to your nails so well.
Beginners can easily use this product.

Heart French Nail Art Tools

1. Honey Pot base gel
2. Honey Pot HP04 If Only
3. Honey Pot HB21 18/19
4. Honey Pot Top Gel
5. Beaunix Clear Gel
6. Pearl Ribbon Stone
7. Lala Professional Art Sticker 123 - Lettering
8. Flower powder - hot pink, pink, ivory

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