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2014년 7월 24일 목요일

[Sara Nail] Putting nail tips on your nails!

Putting nail tips on your nails!
Transform your short nails into long beautiful nails!
It's raining! Summer monsoon in Korea has finally started!
I hate rain... umbrella's so annoying to carry... :(
How's your weather in your country? :D

Anyways, today, I'll teach you how to put nail tips on your nails!

Ice Gel Clear Oval Full Tips 500pcs
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1. Nail care
1) Push your cuticles with a pusher.
2) Remove the cuticles with a nipper.

2. Putting nail tips on
1) File the tip with a file to fit your cuticle line. (Round part goes to the cuticle line)
2) Put appropriate amount of gel glue onto the tip. (Just enough!)
3) Push it down, and then stick it onto your nails.
Don't use too much power because it can make air bubbles.
4) After the glue's dry, cut off the tip with the length you want.

3. Caring
1) File the nail tip.

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