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2014년 7월 18일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Lovely Fantastic Neon Gel Nail Polish :)

[The Saracen Art Class] Luxurious Neon Gel Nail Polish :-)
Let's get started on today's lesson :D

These are the completed pictures of the art.

Now, let's get started.

1. Put base gel, and cure for 1 minute.

2. Draw V-shaped French, and cure for 1 minute.

3. Use neon pink gel nail polish and color one part of the French design.
(Product used is Honey Pot HF04 Neon Gel Polish)
Color it twice and cure for 1 minute.

4. Put the sticker you want, and cut the remainder off.
Sticker is [LaLA] Art Nail 123 Kara Professional Art Sticker.

Put black and white gel colors on the pallette.
I'm going to draw polka dots with these colors.

6. Using a polka dot tool, draw little polka dots between the letters.
Cure for 1 minute.

7. Put top gel, and cure for 1 minute.

8. Cleanse your nails.


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