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2014년 7월 30일 수요일

[Sara Nail] What type of clothes suits your body shape?

Fashion Style Depending on Your Body Shape
To be a fashionistar, you first need to know your body shape. Of course, if you're tall and glamorous, you will look great in any kinds of clothes. :D Let's get started on our lesson.

1. Skinny
For those of you who are skinny, wear clothes with ruffles, shuring, huge ribbons, and other clothes with huge decorations. Clothes with huge decorations will make you bigger and fatter. You will look better in A-line skirts than H-line skirts. Wear spangles or sequin accessories. Avoid wearing bangles because it will make your wrist more skinnier.

2. Glamorous
Wear three-quarter-length t-shirts because it will cover up your huge chest. Avoid wearing high-neck or turtle neck shirts.

3. Short
For those of you who are short, wear high-waist clothing. It's better to wear your pants/skirts above your pelvis line because it will make your legs longer. Try to wear same colored shoes and pants/skirts shoes also because will make you look taller.

4. Long upper-body
Wear clothes that emphasizes your waist line. Try to match the colors of your pants and shoes.

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