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2014년 3월 28일 금요일

[Saranail] Bling Bling Glitter nails/ Flower nail pats/ How to do self nail

Hi, This is Sara.N!
Friday,my favorite day, is turn back again.
Whenever I grow a year older, feel like the time is so fast!
I will start today's posting, ignoring sadness with lots of thoughts.

It's a GLORY CUTICLE OIL I was tasting recently!
I think it's really oily and useful for moisturizing on your nails.

2014년 3월 27일 목요일

[Saranail] Multi ribbon nails(C curve)/ NEW Nail pats/Only spring nail art

Hello, everyone!
Weather is warmer than yesterday.
Spring is coming in my heart and on my nails!
I picked up colorful nail polish such as lemon yellow, green, orange.

Nail Deco Pats Ribbon 001

According to existenc of curve in pats, there are two products(C-curve/flat)

If you purchase pats, especially ribbon pats, you have to choose pats with C-curve like pats in the upper picture.

2014년 3월 26일 수요일

[Saranail] Deco pats/ Wedding rose pats/Rose nail art/Nail art for wedding


From rose and swar to pearl!
I bring nail pats for Romantic wedding.
Lots of people love these pats because they can make nails easy without any difficult tech.

Swarovski nailpats brooch067 - Gold yellow

2014년 3월 25일 화요일

[Saranail] SwarHeart Ribbon pats/ Lovely heart nails/cuti pats

SwarHeart Ribbon pats 177

Hello, everyone!
New pats you're waiting for are coming!
It looks like ribbon by attaching 2 heartswar and 
V-CUT and pearl stone are decorated around these pats.

These pats has superior adhesive strength!
Don't worry:)   

2014년 3월 24일 월요일

[Saranail] Gold ribbon pats/ new recomended pats/spring nailart

11 Swarovski nailpats/ naildecopats ribbon/1184_R - Bronze

Hello! This is sara.N!
Until now, I have posted lots of pictures included ribbon pats.
I think we can make a point on nails by using ribbon pats, right?

Today's pats are really cute and luxury!

2014년 3월 21일 금요일

[Saranail] Art book/ The nailart video gallery book/saranail art book

Hello, everyone!
This book is included hot item and new nail designs.

Is this design pretty?
I think you can develop your nail art skill through this book!

From stone art to embo art!

2014년 3월 20일 목요일

[Saranail] GEL Nail new/Nail tori/Geltori Color/Gel Polish/recommendation for spring

Hello, your friend SARA.N!
Recently, Many people usually mentioned "SPRING, SPRING..." around me.
so I pick up bright color first whenever visit at nail shops!
Today's color is pure yellow like the glow of a firefly.

The palate I used is 34 Short Flat!

Pats - Point nailpats/Nail decopats ribbon122 

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