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2013년 11월 1일 금요일

Metallic pearl nail art, metallic stone nails

metallic stone nails
 For today's manicure I played around with the metallic nail pearls and hoped for the best because I wasn't sure if it would turn out!

Before I explain what I did differently, here is the picture of what I've done with the nail pearls! Next time I will post a nail tutorial on how you would typically do with them. I did it with a set of metallic nail pearls, and then again with a metallic color.

metallic stone nails
i actually like how the mani turned out but im not sure if it was worth the two hours...haha =P(even though it was so easy to make..) i will say that all of my pearls did make it through work today with me today, so that i like =)
anyway,  here's another angle of my nails below! next week, i'm gonna post up the tutorial on how to do metallic nails.  
metallic stone nails

metallic stone nails

Thanks for reading!
 hope you like them..:D

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