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2014년 6월 5일 목요일

[SARANAIL] Honey Pot Anticeptic Nail Cleanser

Hey guys!
Today, I'll introduce you a nail cleanser.

Honey Pot Antiseptic

One of the basics of nail care is cleansing.
A lot of women these days do self nail art at home, 
but if you do not cleanse your nails, your nails may be infected with mold!!

And this product will help you cleanse your nails.

Honeypot Antiseptic 120ml

Outside design is so cute!
Look at that bee flying~

Honeypot Antiseptic

Odor Remover/Nail Cleanser
Natural vegetable tea tree and nenoli herb ingredients 
removes virus, and gives antibacterial/sterilizing effects.
It also gives rejuvenating effects that expites cell growth.

Before nail care, spray it on your hand and rub it.


Ethanol, purified water, polysorbate80, spices

Now, I can cleanse these tools with Honeypot Antiseptic!

Just spray your tools with Honeypot Antiseptic,
then wipe it with a paper towel.

You may need to dry the tools under sunlight.

After nail care, spray it on your hand.

Prevent mold from growing on your hand!!

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