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2013년 7월 15일 월요일

Feminine & Girlish Rose Nail art by Sara Nail Academy

We have lots of rains here in Korea these days and I start to get annoyed 
cause my summer vacation has only few days left! 

And I checked the weather forecast and it seems like I'll have
some rains and clouds on my summer vaca...
What's your summer plans? I hope you have sunny days for me! 

This is Lee Hi's 'rose' Music Video.
I share this MV cause I'm going to introduce Red&Blue Rose nail art.
These nail tips and art works are all from our Sara Nail Academy :D
Our nail artist and instructors are so talented!

red rose nail art, pen art rose drawing

This Red nail art is so feminine and womanly.
Because of red color, those nail tips looks so elegant and 
black&white color also would be great.   

blue rose nail art, blue rose drawing

This is more girlish look with black color french and blue roses. 
I've never though that blue and black color combination would be pretty!

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댓글 2개:

  1. I most definitely agree! These works are amazing! Love the artworks! So precised and detailed! :)

    1. Isn't it? It's even more shocking that those are handmade works! :)


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