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2013년 2월 8일 금요일

Sara Nail Academy Nail Works, Experts' Hand made Nail art

Introducing Sara Nail Academy, Nail Art by Sara instructors ★

As you all know, we have Academy for 
people who wants to be a nail artist and
for more unique and special nail work :)
These are some of nail works by Sara Nail instructors! Hand made!
All the items that girls would love! 
mask, mirror, small purse with a big ribbon on it, lipsticks! 

A pretty cartoon character :)
Looks so expensive, isn't it? 

It reminds me Park Bom of 2NE1! :p
I love the second one ! 
white base and heart shaped swarovski!

Gothic style nail art
Black and White color combination is always right.

E-mail us to
Call 82 070 4495 3040
   Fax 82 02 755 5591 

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