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2014년 8월 13일 수요일

[Sara Nail] Cute Rabbit Nail Art! Watch the rabbit nail art video :)

Cute Rabbit Nail Art! Watch the rabbit nail art video :)
Hello neighbors! Did you know that you can learn nail art through
The Saracen youtube channel? Learning nail art sometimes can be difficult because
pictures cannot describe everything. Why don't you learn nail art with videos? :D

Cute and Lovely Rabbit Nail Art
Click to watch rabbit nail art tutorial

1. Put base coat on.

Put yellow nail polish one time and dry it completely.

For a darker color, put another layer of yellow nail polish.

We're now going to draw the rabbit.
With a brush, draw an oval.

Draw the face with white color and
draw the ears with white art pen. Then dry it.

Draw rabbit's ears with thin pen.

You can make one ear bend. :)

We're now going to draw rabbit's eyes and nose.
On a foil, put a drop of black color.

With a dote bar, draw the eyes.

Draw its nose with an art pen.

Cute rabbit is complete!

Put the top coat on.

We're going to put a ribbon on this rabbit to make it more cute.

Put the ribbon on with a glue.

Rabbit nail art complete!

Flower on the 2nd finger can be drawn with dote stick.

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