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2014년 8월 8일 금요일

[Sara Nail] Lego Nail Art Using Acrylic Nail Art Mold

[Sara Nail] Lego Nail Art Using Acrylic Nail Art Mold
I used Honey Pot colors to do lego nail art.
I really put a lot of efforts into this nail art. :P

Base color and the alphabet colors are the same, and I thought it
looked like legos. That's why I'm calling it lego nail art. :)

I used Honey Pot gel colors HB02, 08, 09, 12, and 19.
I finished the nail art with Honey Pot top gel.

I used this acrylic nail art mold to make those letters.
It's very special because I can make my own stones. :)

Using gel or brush, fill up the mold. (Curing necessary!)
Finger pallette that I introduced last time really helped me.

To emphasize the 3Dness of the mold, put top gel on the sponge and tap your nails.

When you take off the letters, bend the mold and take it out with a pinset.

I can make shapes I want!

Marble nail art (first and 5th nail tips on above picture):
Mix gel cleanser and gel nail colors. Use a dot bar to make dots.

Sara Nail's gold stones

I used Honey Pot gel nail colors - primary colors.

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