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2014년 8월 11일 월요일

[Sara Nail] Easy Self Waxing - Cemsa Beauty Image Waxing Roll-on Basic Kit

Easy Self Waxing - Cemsa Beauty Image Waxing Roll-on Basic Kit
Today, I'm going to introduce you a roll-on type self waxing kit.

Roll On Basic Kit contains: 1 bag, roll-on heater, face/body roll-on cartridge, 100 muslin fabrics, waxing oil(125ml), 2 hair growing delying liquid (10ml x 2)
There's a bag to keep all these tools. There's a roll-on heater so that you can melt the cartridge. If you change cartridge, you can use the kit permanently.


Roll-on heater: Put the roll-on cartridge in the roll-on heater and melt it. Put it on the body part where you want to wax.


Face/body roll-on cartridge: Melt it in the roll-on heater and put it on the body part.
100 muslin sheets: After you put the wax, put the sheet on the waxed part.


Waxing oil 125ml: After you take off the muslin sheet, put the oil on your body to soothe your skin.
2 hair growing delaying liquid (10ml x 2): Delays hair growth.

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