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2014년 8월 7일 목요일

[Sara Nail] Auto Camping Preparation!

It's auto camping season!
Let's get to know some preparation tools for auto camping :)

1. Tent
Must have item - tent - for auto camping. One of my friends is a huge fan of autocamping, and he says that he doesn't need anything else but a sleeping bag for auto camping.... However, as a beginner of autocamping, I really need to sleep in a tent. I also need some cooking space in front of my tent.

2. Tarp
Tarp is used to avoid sunlight or rain. Tarp is a necessiry during summer. There's a tarp called lecta (waterproof material and square shape) and hexa (6-sided). For more than 4 people, lecta is good, and for less than 3 people, hexa is good. Umm~ I really want to roast marshmellows and sweet potatos in the camp fire. :D
3. Sleeping bag
I once thought that we need sleeping bags only during spring, fall, and winter, but it's told that you really need a sleeping bag also in the summer since forest's temperature goes down sharply at night.

4. Ground sheet
If you install the tent on the ground, tent might be ripped by rocks or glass. To avoid the cold air coming up from the ground, put the ground sheet first on the ground and then install the tent on the ground sheet. 

Before leaving for autocamping, please take some medicine. Digestive medicine, disinfect anticeptic, cold medicine, medicine for stomachache,, band-aids, etc... etc...!
Also take some cardigans or sweaters since it gets really cold at night.

Have a nice autocamping. :)

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