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2014년 8월 18일 월요일

[Sara Nail] Nude Beige Glitter Self Nail Art

Tidy style nude beige glitter self nail art
Let's get started>.<

I love its delicate colors!
Nude beige color is loved by girls 365 days a year because it's neat and delicate.

Because it's neat and basic, I think it's appropriate for daily nail art or office nail art.
Gold pearl looks very good with beige.

Let's look at the tools I used.

Nude Beige Glitter Self Nail Art Tools
1. Honey Pot bonder
2. Honey Pot base gel
3. Honey Pot HP05 (Present)
4. Honey Pot HG15 Gold Pearl
5. Honey Pot top gel
6. Icegel clear gel

Honey pot glitter mix RX060
Hwahong brush 44
Various gold decorations
Gold line tape
Crane scissors

Honey pot HG 15 gold pearl is silvergold! Bling Bling

Because I used line tapes to do this nail art, the process was very important.
Before using the line tape, you need to remove the stickiness completely!
Cleanse your nails before you put the tape.

Then, finish your nail with clear gel.
If you put the clear gel, line tape MIGHT fall off.
So please put the clear gel thoroughly!

Gold decorations are necessary!

Put lots of nail stones!
It will make your nails more beautiful.

Put the clear gel thoroughly since stones might fall off.
Please be careful not to make bubbles.

Don't forget to put the top gel too!

Do you like nude beige glitter self nail art?
It's so easy.

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