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2014년 8월 19일 화요일

[Sara Nail] Blue Square Nail Art COOL :D

Blue Square Nail Art COOL :D
Blue and white are the best nail art colors during summer.
Let's be cool with blue square nail art.

I used blue colors and nail stickers.
Let's start the lesson.

1. Put base gel on.

2. Put blue nail color.

Color it 2 times.

3. Make a half-square.

Color it 2 times.

4. Take out the sticker with a pinset.

5. Put the sticker on the nail with a pinset.

6. Put top coat on.


It's not that hard, right?!

Click to purchase Blue Square Nail Art SET!!
Set includes: Glory Nail Color P-006 [Parang] and [RGA] art seal 012
White one (Glory Eco-friendly Nail Polish C008_baekrowhite) is an option.

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