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2014년 8월 5일 화요일

[Sara Nail] Henna and Tattoo Sticker :)

The Saracen Henna & Tattoo Sticker
I really want to do a tattoo, but I'm afraid that my mom's going to hate my tattoo...
She thinks it's dangerous... :(

Therefore, I'm going to use Sara Nail's tattoo sticker!


I'm going to use these tattoo stickers. 

How to put tattoo stickers

1) Put alcohol on the cotton, and with the cotton, wipe the part where you're goint to put the tattoo.

2) Cut off the design you want. Take off the film and and put it on your skin. Push it down for 30 seconds.


3) Take off the film carefully. Put baby powder, and it will last longer.

Tattoo stickers usually last for 1~2 days, but it depends on skin type. If you put it on before you go on vacation, it will stay on your skin during vacation. :) Be careful not to rub it too hard while you're taking a shower. Be a fashion star with tattoo sticker!

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