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2014년 8월 25일 월요일

[Sara Nail] How to pick shoes depending on body shape!

How to pick shoes depending on body shape!
Hello! This is The Saracen. :)
Did you have a nice weekend?
Today, I'll tell you how to pick shoes depending on your body shape.

Chubby body type - Ankle boots or Western boots
Some of you who are chubby think that long boots will make you skinnier, however, ankle boots will make you skinnier. :) If your calf is too thick, wear western boots. It will make your calf more skinnier. TIP: Do not choose boots that are too tight.

Short, or those of you who have thick ankles - Flat shoes or strap shoes
Some people who have thick ankles choose heels to cover your ankles. However, flat shoes that have similar colors as your skin color will make you look taller. Strap shoes will make your ankles thinner. However, avoid wearing thick strap shoes!

Tall - kitten heel
Some of you are concerned about your height because you will get more taller if you wear high heels. People who are tall go well with 2~3cm kitten heels than high heels.

Remember to choose the right shoes for your body shape :)

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