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2014년 8월 6일 수요일

[Sara Nail] Let's get to know our tools - nipper, pusher, file, glue

Let's get to know our tools - nipper, pusher, file, glue
Today, I'll introduce you some necessary nail art tools :)

Nail Nipper
One of the most basic tools of nail art. It is used to remove cuticle. After you push the cuticles with a pusher, you cut out the cuticles with a nipper.

How to manage cuticle nipper
1. Sanitaty: Nipper is very sharp. You need to handle it with care. After use, please sterilize.
2. Use 2 nippers: Use 2 nippers, alternating with one another. Don't use the nipper to cut acrylic  nails. Nipper can be damaged.
3. Manage with vegetable oil: If your nipper feels too stiff, put one drop of vegetable oil on the X part of the nipper.
4. Constant management: Nippers can be fixed. If the blades are too old, fix it like a new one.

Nail Pusher
Nail pusher is used to push cuticles. Your hands can be clean with a pusher. :)
This product is straight pusher. The other side is round.

This is round pusher. Both sides are round, but one side is smaller.

Nail Art File
Nail files are used to make the nail surface softer. Unit is grit. As the grit gets bigger, it gets softer. As the grit gets smaller, it gets rough. When you're managing natural nails, 180/220 is enough and when you're managing fake nails, use 100/180 grits.
100/180 grit

180/220 grit

When you're using a file, file it towards one direction. Since files cannot be sterilized, use it once and throw it away. Washable/disinfectable files can be used many times.

Stone glue
This is glue used to put stones on your nails. It's instant adhesive and it's gel type. When the glue's viscosity is high, stones does not fall off.

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