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2014년 8월 26일 화요일

[Sara Nail] Burgundy for Autumn! Makeup and Nail Art

Burgundy for Autumn! Makeup and Nail Art
Hey guys, this is The Saracen.
It's the last Tuesday of August already!
It is said that after August ends, Autumn quickly approaches.
Autumn reminds me of burgundy.

Let's get to know burgundy!
Some of you are confused is burgundy is red or wine. Bundundy is actually a little bit darker than red/thick wine color. Burgundy makeup emphasizes lips and cool toned people look great in burgundy makeup.

Burgundy makeup
If you're too afraid to try burgundy makeup, you can easily do it with eye shadows. Blend two colors together, and then make a cat eye with black pencil eyeliner.

One characteristic of burgundy lip-makeup is matte feeling. It's not glossy or pearly. If you do not like matte feeling or you don't look good with burgundy color lipstick, put red color tint.

Burgundy Nails
Couple of weeks ago, I introduced you autumn nail colors. And burgundy is perfect for autumn. If you do not want to do burgundy makeup, try burgundy nail art!

Sara Nail also sells burgundy nail colors.
Click to purchase these!

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