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2014년 8월 27일 수요일

[Sara Nail] Home Nail Care with Nail Care SET!

Care your nails with Nail Care Set!
The Saracen prepared a nail care set just for you.
It's very easy, and you can easily do it at home.
Now, you don't have to waste your money at nail shop!

Trinity Home Care Basic Kit

Items included:
1. Honey Pot Base Coat
Apply it before you put the nail polish.
Helps colors to attach to your nails.
Protects nails colors from turning.

2. Honey Pot Top Coat
Apply it after you put the nail polish.
Protects nail polish from falling off.

3. Trinity cuticle remover
Puffs stiff cells around the cuticle.
Moistures area around cuticles.

4. Trinity Cuticle Oil
Provides moisture to the cuticle and nails.
Makes cuticles flexible. Makes nails healthier.

5. Pusher
 Pushes dead skin cells around the nails.

6. Nipper
Cares cuticles around the nails.

7. Mini remover
Contains natural arometherapy ingredients.
Removes anamel quickly/without nail damage.

8. Files
Makes your nail shape prettier.
-Wood file, white sanding, two way shiner, design file, disco pad
(shapes randomly dispatched)

OPI Brand Home Care Set

Items included:
1. OPI Base Coat
Prevents colors from absorbing harmful ingredients.
Maintains nail shape and prevents nails from changing color.
Can be applied everyday.

2. OPI Top Coat
Makes nails shinier.
Protects nails from UV.
Protects from color change.

3. Cuticle oil
Provides nutrients and moisture to the nails and cuticles (treatment massage oil)
Has more effects thatn Vitamin E.
Can be applied to elbows or heels.
Spoid type

4. Easteem Shiner File
Used to change shape of fake/natural nails

5. Dust brush
Used to remove nail powders.

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