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2014년 9월 1일 월요일

[Sara Nail] Let's exercise! Let's be healthy!

Let's exercise! Let's be healthy!
Hello neighbors!
This is The Saracen.
Today, I'll tell you how to do squat and burpee test.
You'll be healthy when you do these exercises.

Most of the celebrities do squat. Squat makes your thighs beautiful and your body line slim. :)

- Your back needs to be straight.
- When you're picking up the barbell, exhale. When you sit down, inhale.
- Put your chins up so that your back gets straight.
- Your knees should be inside the toe line.

It's very effective to 15 x 3 sets 3 times a day. You need to do this for 3~6 months continuously to see some effects.

Burpee Test

- Look straight, put your back straight.
- Put your upper body go forward and put your hands on the ground.
- Make your shoulders and toes go straight. Jump.
- Do push ups.
- Do the first position again.
- Be careful not to bend your arms.

You can do Burpee test anywhere! Burpee test makes abs and removes fat on your thighs. It also dismantles your body fat. 50 Burpee tests consumes abut 150~220 Kcal. Do 15 in one set, and 3 sets are enough. :)

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