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2013년 3월 28일 목요일

Japanese VS Korean Style Pub!

Hello, my friends! :)

Do you like Japanese food? Is there any Japanese food you are aware of?
I am sure you are going to say Sushi!
What about Korean's? 
Kimchi? Bibimbap? Bulgogi? 

In the last weekend, me and a friend of mine went to Izakaya, Japanese style's pub and Jujeom, Korean style's pub  in Seoul, Korea.

#1. In Izakaya

Here we go! 

Beer with beef salad is the perfect harmony!

This is Okonomiyaki, Japanese pancake.  

The Izakaya was the quite famous place and it was worthy  to visit.

#2. Jujeom

After then, we went to Korean style's pub! 
Haha what a coincidence. (We didn't intend it.)

This is Chestnut Makgoeli, which is quite new to us!
You might have been heard of Makgoeli, however,
I am pretty sure not heard of Chestnut's. Haven't you?

This is so sweet, couldn't feel any alcohol tastes at all! LOL

Do you know what is the best harmony with Makgeoli?

Yes, this is!
Korean style's Kimchi pancakes.

 It was very impressive, so tasty and exciting weekend! 

What do you think?
Is there any thing you have tried before?

Feel free to leave comments! :)

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