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2013년 11월 25일 월요일

tarashikomi nail art, watercolor painting nail art

tarashikomi nail art
tarashikomi nail art
Nail art that is like a watercolor painting is called "Tarashikomi nail" (Drop-by-drop nails).
Drip the paint with a plop and spread it to make a nail that is refreshing and is super popular for spring and summer in Korea! :D(including Japan) 
Why you try this refreshing nail, too?

tarashikomi nail art
tarashikomi nail art
 In japan, the past few years have seen a rise in the use of ingredients that are natural, safe and good for nails.  In addition, we are seeing the natural approach influence the look and style of nails. many women are suing a clear base style, with nail art layered on top and we see this as a how new trend. 

tarashikomi nail art
tarashikomi nail art
Tarashikomi is a new technique in the nail art field, but it is based on the very old tradition of Japanese water painting, a type of artwork which our culture is well known for. 
We enjoy offering a new way of looking at this traditional art form. 
In Tarashikomi nail art, we also often use a traditional Japanese color chart. 
More info for Tarashikomi nail art, why dont you go to nouveaucheap?  (reference)
tarashikomi nail art
tarashikomi nail art

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