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2013년 11월 11일 월요일

Korean Animal nail art, Cute animal nails, Cutest Nail Art Animals

Korean Animal nail
 Hello, welcome to my new blog! Did you have a good weekend? 
In Korea, the weather is getting colder like winter.. almost.. please take care not to catch a cold!  Anyway, this is my first post of animal nails, which feature a panda, a cheetah,  random birds. This looks complicated before you do this nail, but as you notice that I've only been doing it for about a month. right now, i found out how to do them more easily.  (Next time I'm gonna show you the tutorial! Please check it.)
Korean Animal nail
 Now here's the animals in Korea. I took the photo above the day after I did these nails - after I realized I had my camera settings not quite right. (I took long to take the pictures :( )  so the pictures below were horrible. (but I changed it!) I went from 0 to rage in about 2 seconds as soon as I saw these photos :-P Anyway, I hope you can still see what I was trying to do here!
Korean Animal nail
I was extremely proud of these nails, and though at first I thought they would be difficult they were actually fairly easy! So anybody could give it a go, and do different animals :) 
Please let me know what you think as this is my first post for animal nail art , would love to hear some constructive criticism - what I've done wrong, what you think I could do better, etc. 
Hope you like them.. :D

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