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2013년 11월 15일 금요일

Korean cute nail art, how to do cute nail art in Korea

Korean cute nail art
 I'm sorry, I know it's been a while since my last post but I left for Busan last week and then I came back and I was quite busy!
Anyway, many of you have asked me to write about manicures and beauty salon in Seoul. I usually get my nails done at Saranail Academy in Seoul Korea as nail artists there are very skilled and propose so many styles and colors.
If you've been in Korea or any Asian countries before, you know that their manucure style is totally different than the one you guys have in Europe. What I mean by that is that here, they go for "nail art".
Korean cute nail art
 Now I'll tell you first that I'm such a HARDCORE K-POP FANS!! Even though I'm only 1 year into K-Pop fans, but I've been very loved K-Pop so much like other Asian teens :). And like the others, of course I have the specific idols that I like. I'm not in to all Idols. Just a few of them that made me really fall in love. And of course I like Boy group more than Girl group because I'm a girl XD
Korean cute nail art
But because this blog is all about nails, and nails are identical with girls, so yeah.. I'm not gonna put Boy group here (shit). Just girl group that I really like the most. Yes I love them so much. They'r like my inspire. I like them not because of their beauty that could make anyone amazed, but because of their personalities. Their personalities which are unique, funny, innocent, honest, humble and not contrived that made me realize, however the term for idols when they'r on stage, they'r still human beings, just the same as people in general. 
Korean cute nail art
 Anyway, there are many nail salons in Seoul and cheaper than the ones I go to.
(Saranail :D)
So, girls indulge yourself with this gorgeous manicure....You're worth it ;)
Korean cute nail art

I hope y'all are having a great day and I'll talk to y'all later <3
Thanks for reading!



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