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2013년 11월 8일 금요일

alice in wonderland nail art, my adventures in nail polish with SaraNail

alice in wonderland nail art
Hi everyone! Ok, so a while ago I sipped a cup of coffee inspired nails(cute and pretty anime) and then ended up ignoring the whole anime idea.. But! I thought I'd try this anime themed set: Alice in Wonderland, again. I did a set of Alice themed nails for a class project I had. I thought, why haven't I sported these yet? 
So I finally found the time to do a set for myself. Here was the outcome (click to enlarge):
alice in wonderland nail art
 So day one is Alice in Wonderland. I am so excited to start with this anime.  It is one of my favorite Disney anime I love and always makes me smile so it was nothing but pleasure to put together this mani. :) 
I struggled to paint all of Alice's face(it's so hard) so in the end I decided to seek some inspiration and found some pics on the Internet of just her hairline and bow, which I thought was pretty neat.  Now I wish I would have spent the extra time perfecting her face as I feel. :D
alice in wonderland nail art
There is so much I could have included in this manicure but space and time wouldn't allow. :(
alice in wonderland nail art
Let me know what you think. :) 
Please also comment on what nail art I should do next. I'll try my best to make it. :D
hope you like them.. :D


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