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2013년 11월 6일 수요일

Metallic nail pearls, jewel nail pearls

jewel nail pearls
So after brilliantly messing up the order of the days, I'm preparing the nail pearls to do the metallic nails today.  I had to actually think pretty hard about this one, because I don't really like metallic nail art.  Actually, you can see below that I only really have some. 
jewel nail pearls
But, I decided to introduce these nail pearls based on elements for all nail lovers!  Initially, I was going to to do different nail art, but when I got some new nail pearls in SaraNail , I knew I had to do something with this. :D
jewel nail pearls
 Just found out crown nail pearls which has made myself do this nail art, are a very beautiful! Check out crown nail pearls and diamond nail pearls, and metallic things as adornment. The detailing is exquisite!
jewel nail pearls 
I purchased them at Sara Nail. Tempted? You know where to find it. There's more at Sara Nail. Here is this SaraNail website - It's only Korean version of the website. after the Eng version of website opened, I gotta let you know! 


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