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2013년 11월 4일 월요일

Autumn in Korea with amazing colors, Korea in Autumn 2013

Autumn in Korea
This autumn, leaves is changing colors. (it's November, right? :) ) A calendar of peak autumn foliage in Korea’s national parks are announced every year but my boyfriend and I don’t depend much on that announcement. The dates mentioned in that announcement is usually in periods of 2 to 3 weeks but the peak of autumn (in national parks) hardly falls within those periods. I’m not sure if it’s climate change to blame that makes this forecast inaccurate or the too much commercialized tourism industry. Anyhow, we still use the calendar but for a different purpose – not to fall victims of misinformation. <3
Autumn in Korea
 I have seen pictures of beautiful autumn from pictures of my friends who had the opportunity to visit other countries. The colors of the trees and hills were amazing and breathtaking. Ever since then, I harbor this deep desire and hope that I would have an opportunity to experience autumn. :D
Autumn in Korea
When I touched down in Seoul, the leaves was just about to change but most were still green, slowly turning yellow.(Now it's getting red) The time was not yet right. I was a little disappointed and I was worried that I would miss it as I would be traveling to Jeju Island next and then back to Seoul. 
Autumn in Korea
 I didn't use any special effects on those pictures. I just used the landscape mode of my camera and the photo looked great. But I didn't go there to get great photos. I wanted to see something pleasing to my eyes. So despite the good photos, I was still not satisfied with the trip. I have this suspicion that leaves fall and dry too quickly. I don’t know. I could be wrong.
Autumn in Korea
 I am not the only one mesmerized by the beauty of autumn. I caught this very talented man capturing the beauty of autumn, the way he sees it on his canvas, as I captured him in mine. He was not too happy when he found out but this remains one of my favorite shot. XD
Autumn in Korea
Why don't you see leaves getting yellow and red? 
Let's enjoy Autumn in Korea, anywhere :)

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