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2013년 11월 12일 화요일

Jewelry stones for nail art, Korean jewelry with stones for nails

 Korean jewelry with stones
 Hello lovelies,
I haven't done a tutorial for a while :( (But I promise to post it!) I wanted to create a manicure where I would combine an exotic feeling of Arabian.(Don't you think so? well, I'm not an Arabian..) They are all exotic and stunning.
I have opted for a difficult way of doing Korean jewelry nail art with beaded stones. 
 Korean jewelry with stones
 The inspiration for this manicure came from my valley dance, hehe. hence the title of this post.  And I thought it would be cool if you could create Korean  jewelry stones for this nail.  This is probably the easiest type of nail art that I can think of, I mean...ANY and everybody can do this! (but you have to take a careful look at applying bead stones.)  You can check out this nail tutorial next time to see what I used and learn how to create this cute and simple design on your nails!
 Korean jewelry with stones
I hope y'all are having a great day and I'll talk to y'all later <3
Thanks for reading!



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