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2013년 11월 13일 수요일

SiNail 2013, Awesome Nail Art Designs in Seoul International Nail Fair 2013 in South Korea

Awesome Nail Art
 Held at Gangnam, in Seoul, Korea Seoul International Nail Fair featured some of the most amazing fingernail artworks.

Apparently, the nail industry is getting big in Seoul right now, that's why they've actually organized an exposition where nail artists could showcase their latest masterpieces. The Korean nail industry has grown over and over, so it’s no wonder this year’s event drew in a crowd of approximately over 10,000.

I’m a big fan of painted, long nails and I have to admit other nail artworks presented at the Seoul International Nail Fair 2013 were pretty impressive.
Awesome Nail Art
 For more nail designs, you can simply go to SaraNail's Pinterest to take a look at other Korean nail arts :)
Awesome Nail Art

I hope y'all are having a great day and I'll talk to y'all later <3
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