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2013년 5월 3일 금요일

This week of Billboard Korea Chart (Roy Kim, Cho Yong-pil, Akdong Musician)
This is a chart of Kpop popular song list of this week!
Let's check the songs via Youtube :)

Roy Kim is a winner of Super Star K 4 
(Korean singing competition audition) last year.
He has god looking and the voice and after the 'bom bom bom' has released, it ranked first place right away. 

Cho yong-pil is one of the most famous singer in Korea.
He wad a huge fame through '80s-'90s and he still has 
lots of fans support him.

Akdong Musician is winner of 'Kpop star 2' 
(Korean singing competition audition) this year. 
They grew up in Mongolia with their parents.
They can write, sing and perform!

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