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2013년 3월 12일 화요일

Python Nail Art, Python gel nail art, Snake Pattern nail art

Python gel nail art

Hello nail lovers :)
Today, I want to show this beautiful gel nail products! 
These are a set of gel nails to make python patterns so easily.

Python gel nail art

the gel nails on top line is colored. 
After base gel nail, cover with color gel nail you want!
and then use 'designer' gel nail which is the middle one on bottom line.

Python gel nail art

Look at these beautiful python nail arts! 
I think that adjusting the size of designer gel, 
we can make a new look with it :)

I'm sure I'll try polka dot nail lol 

Python gel nail art

1. clean your nails
2. cover base coat and curing it for 30 sec (LED)
3. choose your python color and cover your nail with it!
4. put some designer gel on palette (or any place you do nail work!)
5. dip some designer gel on tip of dot stick (or wood stick) and make dots
6. cover with designer gel so that makes python patterns
7. Top gel coat
8. clean your nail

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